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About Us

Community Solutions is a small but powerful community development consulting firm that impacts diverse communities such as neighborhoods, healthcare systems, homeless service providers, and foundations, to name a few. Our influence in the community development arena lies not in bricks and mortar, but in people, programs, organizations, and systems. We understand that any community—be it residents within a neighborhood or healthcare providers within a region—can only succeed when its members have the tools, resources, strategies, and partnerships in place to allow them to be nimble, be bold, and be excellent. Community Solutions combines the unique talents of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds: public health, urban planning, fund development, public policy, social work, and non-profit management to achieve results for the people we serve.

Our team members have come together with the common commitment to assist members of diverse communities—both physical places and thematic organizations—in learning how to improve themselves and their work through collaborative problem solving, grassroots involvement, and individual responsibility. We delight in the dual-directional learning that occurs between our team and the communities with which we work.

Meet The Team

April Angermeier, MPA

Vice President, Operations

Ashley Barnett_edited.jpg
Ashley Barnett, MPA

Senior Associate

Eric color_edited.jpg
Eric Beers, MS

Senior Associate

Lena Hackett, MPH


Lisa Osterman, MA

Vice President, Strategy

Andrea Harmon


Read Andrea's Bio (coming soon)

Tashi color_edited.jpg
Tashi Teuschler, MPA

Senior Associate

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