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Our Vision

We envision a day when public and private systems have only a positive impact on people’s lives, are responsive to the uniqueness of individuals and families, are driven by authentic community processes, and reduce the need for programs to fill the gaps.









We believe in the power of collaboration

Through collaboration, we can cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships and harness and leverage the wisdom in our communities to develop equitable and just solutions that support a culture of respect, and care.

Our commitment

  • Lead with the values of anti-racism/anti-oppression.

  • Integrate a focus on equity and inclusion into every piece of our work.

  • Engage, listen, and evaluate voices of the communities we serve.

  • Use our spheres of influence to open-doors and create change.

  • Create stronger accountability structures by deepening our relationships with individuals and groups most impacted by inequities in our communities.

Inside our process: 
How we get things done

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