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Sarah Ziegler

Sarah is an Associate at Community Solutions providing office management assistance and project support to the team. “I believe that supporting others and making their jobs easier is vital to helping an organization run smoothly.”


Sarah’s early career was customer service-focused and that helped shape her belief that people should always be treated with care. Living abroad for two years expanded her appreciation of other cultures and the importance of celebrating diversity.

These early experiences led to a career as a criminal defense and immigration paralegal which grew her dedication to be an empathetic advocate for her clients. Helping people in removal proceedings, making families feel heard, and championing Dreamers were highlights of that role. Before coming to Community Solutions, Sarah worked with the faculty, staff, and students at the Lacy School of Business at Butler University as an assistant to the Dean.

Sarah has won customer service and staff recognition awards throughout her career and has a bachelor degree in Political Science from IUPUI.

Why are you passionate about what you do at Community Solutions?

The team at Community Solutions has a focused dedication to their clients, people and causes that makes me want to jump in and help in any way I can. I believe in the philosophy of this organization and the work they do here.


What inspires you?

Random acts of kindness, intentional acts of kindness, music.


If you could offer advice to a younger version of yourself, what would you say?

Care less about what people think of you and be your true self. Do not let your mom perm your hair. Ever.

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