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Our Work

Our Work

Our work focuses on people, programs, organizations, and systems. We understand that any community can only succeed when its members have the tools, resources, strategies, and partnerships in place to allow them to be nimble, be bold, and be excellent.

We partner with organizations interested in co-creating change in social conditions for more just and equitable communities and use our tools in evaluative learning, community engagement, organizational development, systems change, and program design and management to help our partners achieved their desired results. 

Our projects range in scope from specific (e.g., evaluating a program) to very complex (e.g., piloting a statewide grassroots capacity building initiative), but in most cases, we tap into our full skillset to co-design and implement every project we take on.

Community Solutions combines the unique talents of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds: public health, research and evaluation, fund development, public policy, criminal justice, social work, and non-profit management to help our clients achieve results.

We work with organizations, communities, and systems to identify the result they want to achieve and:

  1. gather data, information, partners, and resources to build capacity,

  2. design and implement powerful strategies,

  3. measure and communicate impact,

  4. and integrate reflection, learning, and quality improvement into their systems.

Community Solutions team members are skilled at breaking down complex issues into clear, workable pieces. We work with diverse groups of people to develop strategies that lead to measurable results for agencies and communities. Since 2000, Community Solutions has helped improve the effectiveness of programs for a diverse array of clients. At any given point in time, our team is working with 20 to 30 clients to help them learn, grow, and strengthen their efforts. Our ability to become quickly adept in a variety of areas is a testimony to how we work: while we aren’t experts in every field, we are experts in helping groups determine the results they want to achieve, gather the data needed to inform the process, identify partners to assist them in their efforts, develop powerful strategies to achieve their result, and institute effective measures of success.

Our Work in Action

We've done a lot! Read about what we've been up to.

2021 - present

Zero is Possible

Community Planning and Engagement

Project Spotlight

2022 - present

Accelerator Initiative

Organizational Development

Project Spotlight

2012 - present

Marion County Reentry Coalition

Systems Change

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Project Spotlight

2020 - 2024

United Front

Applied Research and Evaluation

Project Spotlight

2022 - present

Connected to Community

Program Design and Management

Building Connections: 
Our clients, our community

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