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Lauren Hansen

Lauren joined Community Solutions as a Communications Associate in 2022. Her goal is to highlight the human perspective through storytelling, content creation, and visual representation.

“All my life I’ve believed in the connectedness of us as human beings, and shared responsibility that we have as community members to treat strangers like neighbors, neighbors like friends, and friends like family,” she says. In her role at Community Solutions, Lauren works across several projects to ensure that there are clear internal and external communication streams with partners and the broader community.

Lauren got her Bachelor’s degree in journalism at Ball State University and has worked for various nonprofits such as Little Red Door Cancer Services of East Central Indiana in Muncie, The Facing Project: Facing Cancer in East Central Indiana, the Book Arts Collaborative, and Cornerstone Center for the Arts as a web designer, content creator and editor, and public relations specialist.

Prior to coming to Community Solutions, Lauren worked for Livenation Concerts as a Sales Coordinator and Marketing Assistant for the VIP program at Old National Centre, then moved to small business promotions before finding this opportunity. 

At Ball State, she was a Louis E Ingelhart Scholar for Leadership in the Media, and a lead fundraiser for the Ball State University Foundation.

Why are you passionate about what you do at Community Solutions?

I have always loved writing and getting to know people through storytelling. Being in a communications position here at Community Solutions is a perfect way to use that skill to help lift up communities and be a part of making change.


What inspires you?

Strong, kind, and creative people, my friends, and a really good story.


If you could offer advice to a younger version of yourself, what would you say?

Continue to challenge yourself, face your fears, and don’t stress about the future. Enjoy the moment!

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