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Public Health and Human Services

Community Solutions has worked with small and large organizations to improve the life circumstances of people in tough situations and/or challenged communities.  Recognizing that resources are scarce and that every dollar spent on programming must have an impact, we work with individual agencies, large systems, state and local government agencies, state and regional collaborations, and national organizations to assess the needs of the population that is being served, the impact of the existing services, and the gaps that need to be filled.  With this information we are able to facilitate the design of effective programs and partnerships to effectively and efficiently achieve long-term results for the people our clients serve.  This programmatic work is matched with a fund development strategy to support the programming and a public policy agenda to ensure that there is effective public policy to support the work on the ground.


Community Solutions also brings expertise in the management and evaluation of human service agencies.  We have provided project management, interim leadership, evaluation, and process improvement to a myriad of agencies such as community health centers, community centers, foundations, and a spectrum of agencies that serve homeless people and those at risk of homelessness.

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