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Program and System Evaluation

At Community Solutions, we believe that evaluation is core to the success of strong programs and effective communities. It is not an activity done at the end of a grant cycle to meet a funder’s requirements. Evaluation is the work of determining the impact that you want to achieve, monitoring progress toward those goals, learning what works, and demonstrating accountability.

When evaluation is done well, all stakeholders have a role. Community Solutions can help organizations and leaders design evaluation strategies that make sense in the context of the day-to-day business while providing opportunities for reflection, learning and growth. We are experienced in supporting organizations of all sizes, as well as community collaborations working collectively to bring change.


While System and Program Evaluation Services are customized to each client’s individual needs, the types of services we provide include:

  • Helping organizations and collaborations to determine the measurable and attainable impact they intend to achieve.

  • Identifying the business processes that must be integrated with service delivery and program implementation in order to effectively track progress toward goals.

  • Identifying and improving tools to collect, store, manage, and report data.

  • Developing regular internal and external reporting procedures to track progress,  identify challenges and opportunities, and demonstrate accountability.

  • Assisting clients with communicating impact—telling both the numbers and the story behind the data.

Want to discuss evaluation options for your organization?

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