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Grant Writing and Management

Community Solutions has experience in writing successful grant proposals to myriad, diverse funders. To date, we have written over 200 grant proposals to more than 80 funding sources, ranging from federal grant proposals to the smallest of private foundations. We have raised more than $110 million dollars for our clients.

A strong fund development component is vital for organizations and should include a wide array of revenue resources. To find local and national funders with interests that align with the services and programs of our client, we begin with developing a “Funding Prospect Sheet”, which becomes a grants calendar, so relevant funding opportunities are always in front of the client.


Once funding opportunities have been identified, Community Solutions prepares grant applications, proposals, or letters of inquiry, ensuring they are highly competitive and thorough. Key to the success of the proposals is our ability to support the development of the program to be funded, the evaluation of its success, and build collaborations that strengthen the request and the effectiveness of the project.


Community Solutions is proud of our record of success with both federal grant awards and awards from private foundations for our clients. Government grant applications are complex, technical, and require great attention to detail. Private foundation grant proposals are often about more than securing funding; they are about building relationships with funders to support organizational sustainability, so our clients are able to make a long-term impact in the community.


No matter the funding source, Community Solutions develops grant proposals that are well-prepared, thoughtfully planned, concisely packaged, and expertly executed.


To date, Community Solutions has successfully secured funding from sources including, but not limited to:

  • US Department of Health and Human Services – Administration for Children and Families – Department of Head Start

  • US Department of Health and Human Services – HRSA

  • US Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA)

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • US Department of Labor

  • US Department of Justice

  • US Department of Education

  • Indiana Department of Correction

  • Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

  • Indiana State Department of Health

  • Lilly Endowment

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation

  • The Clowes Fund

  • Indianapolis Foundation

  • Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

  • Women’s Fund

  • Crime Prevention Grant Funds

  • The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis

  • United Way of Central Indiana

  • Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation

  • The Hoover Family Foundation

Community Solutions also offers grant management support to organizations. Have you received grants, but don't have the organizational capacity to ensure that you are meeting grant requirements? We can help! Our staff have grant management experience and can help you develop a method for tracking and reporting on grant requirements. 

Interested in having us write your next grant proposal?

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