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Facilitation and Documentation

The term facilitation is broadly used to describe any activity that makes the work for others easy. A facilitator is someone who helps a group of people understand their common interests and supports them as they form strategies to achieve results. A facilitator is neutral and supports the structure and process of the interactions, so the participants can make effective, high-quality decisions. A facilitator supports everyone to do their best thinking.

Community Solutions uses a Results Based Facilitation process to help groups move from the concept of what they want to achieve to the reality of the work it will take to achieve it. This work is often done with community organizations, boards of directors, project partners, and service providers.


Through neutral facilitation that is focused on achieving a targeted result, Community Solutions is able to help groups move through complex, difficult conversations effectively and efficiently. Sessions are documented using a focus on action commitments and contributions that highlights decisions that are made, parties responsible for implementing those decisions, and a time frame for completion. This documentation allows groups to have consecutive meetings that build off of one another rather than revisiting the same conversations over and over again.


The result is a streamlined process that builds authentic “buy-in” from the participants and allows for full participation and contribution from all partners. Our process organizes participants and produces results.

Interested in having us facilitate for you?

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