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Dalton Haney, MPA

Throughout his career in corrections and offender re-entry, Dalton has approached his work with a mixture of passion and compassion. “With any job I’ve ever held,” he says, “I pour a lot of myself into it. Every job I’ve had is not just a job, it’s something I’m really passionate about. The opportunity to have a positive influence in the community means a lot to me.”

The passionate pursuit of those opportunities began at the Plainfield Reentry Educational Facility, the first corrections facility in the nation to be dedicated to preparing criminal offenders for re-entry into the community. For Haney, addressing the challenge of offender re-entry is common sense. “Ninety-eight percent of our prison population is going home at some point” Haney notes, “so we need to make sure they’re ready to reintegrate. So much changes while people are serving their terms, we need to prepare them.” Throughout his career in corrections, Haney learned to interact compassionately with men and women of all backgrounds. “I’ve worked with murderers, drug dealers--people with very complicated backgrounds” he says. For Haney, helping these offenders successfully transition to life in the community is a chance to have a positive influence on his city and state.


Haney’s work at the Plainfield facility led him to serve in many different capacities in the field of community corrections. Through it all, he has carried with him his core values of honesty, integrity, and teamwork—and it was these values that led him, ultimately, to Community Solutions, Inc. “I had worked with some of the CSI staff on and off for a few years,” he says. “They’re really good people. Everyone has a positive attitude; the staff is goal oriented and they make sure the work gets done.” The opportunity to work with founder Lena Hackett and this team was one he knew he couldn’t pass up. Plus, it’s a fresh opportunity to make a difference. “Marion County is my home,” Haney says. “I care about my community and I want to see things improve. I believe in taking care of your neighborhood, taking care of your community. I like to think that I can make a difference through the work that I do for CSI.”


Dalton Haney began his career in December of 2006 as a Correctional Officer with the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC). He held many different positions while working at the Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility (PREF), including Policy Coordinator, Public Information Officer, Safety Hazard Manager, and Executive Assistant. Dalton has worked with the Community Corrections Division of the Indiana Department of Corrections and served as a member of the IDOC’s Special Emergency Response Team (SERT). He served as Assistant Superintendent of the Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility (IREF), before accepting the position of Chief Deputy Director of Marion County Community Corrections, where his responsibilities included work release and electronic monitoring’s intake division. His work at Community Solutions, Inc., will continue to focus on criminal justice, including the development of strategic plans and system-wide process improvements for corrections and re-entry programs. Haney completed his undergraduate education in 2006 at Indiana University-Bloomington and graduated with a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University - Indianapolis in May 2021.

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