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We are
Community Solutions

We are a multi-faceted firm - approaching our work with a results-focused and an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens.
We work to co-create change in social conditions for more just and equitable communities. We understand that this work is the “long game.”  We are committed to being a part of the solution.

Co-creating Change.

Community Solutions works in collaboration with other community agents – community groups, organizations, and institutions. 

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Grow Capacity

We support changes among community agents by increasing knowledge, awareness, and skill of leaders, groups, and teams.

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Direct Support

We support changes in population level outcomes by improving our social systems.

We focus our work in the areas of Education & Youth Development; Public Health & Human Services; Justice, Reentry, & Public Safety; and Community & Economic Development.

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Committed to Action

We are in critical moments that will transform each of us and influence how we work in our communities. We believe that how we do our work is as important as the work that we do.

Our commitment

  • Lead with the values of anti-racism/anti-oppression.

  • Integrate a focus on equity and inclusion into every piece of our work.

  • Engage, listen, and evaluate voices of the communities we serve.

  • Use our spheres of influence to open-doors and create change.

  • Challenge our clients to investigate and dismantle white dominance in organizational culture, institutions, and systems.

  • Create stronger accountability structures by deepening our relationships with individuals and groups most impacted by inequities in our communities.

Our Vision

This is our commitment to action that expands beyond the moments of now. We know that our words are not enough. We share our commitment because we understand that silence is complicity. We share our commitment because we are a community of people who have come to this work out of a lived ethic for social justice – our lived and learned experiences call us to action.

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