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What Clients are Saying About Us
Jenni Browning, Senior Director of Communications & Wellness, American Dairy Association Indiana

I just reviewed our documents and I can’t thank you enough for this! The way you packaged the information is perfect. This will be our planning/budget bible! You are quite amazing! What you have helped us do in three sessions would have taken us probably a lot of painful MONTHS to accomplish!

Nicole Lampert, Communications and Engagement, Dubois County Community Foundation

Major kudos to you and your team for facilitating such an engaging, productive meeting yesterday! We weren’t sure how a 2 hour ZOOM meeting would go but you guys are expert facilitators for sure. It’s amazing to see how much we are really honing in on our strategies. THANK YOU.

Ashley Overley, CEO, Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health

Truly I am impressed at the breadth of your connectedness with the city and respect that this is an accomplishment that takes years of dedicated effort to bear fruit, particularly in the challenging areas you have chosen to tackle! 

Chris Hutchinson, Senior Vice President of Engagement, Eleven Fifty Academy

I have had the pleasure of working with Community Solutions since I joined Eleven Fifty as the Sr. VP of Engagement. The quality of work and attention to detail that Community Solutions consistently demonstrates is impeccable. They are an excellent partner that not only develop high quality grant proposals, but also serve as our day-to-day grant management team. I would recommend Community Solutions to any organization.

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