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April Angermeier, MPA
Vice President, Operations

April builds systems and processes that support collaboration and effective project management in her role as the VP of Operations at Community Solutions. She also provides consulting services, assisting a variety of nonprofits and public entities with program development, project management, grant writing, and evaluation. April believes in the power of community and centering the voices and experiences of the most marginalized in society. She says “with the way our systems are set up, it’s really common to lose sight of the people you are supposed to be serving.” She hopes to see more transformative models of justice being used in our community over time and commits to working toward this goal in her work.

April has worked in the public and nonprofit arena for over a decade. She started her career with the Access to Recovery (now Recovery Works) program at the Division of Mental Health and Addiction, a multi-million-dollar grant originally awarded to the state to provide treatment and recovery supports to individuals in eleven of Indiana’s most populated counties. Most recently, she served as the national Training Manager for The Bail Project, working with a team of trainers to develop onboarding and training protocols for staff at nearly 20 sites across the country. Prior to working at The Bail Project, she was with the CSI team for five years and provided consulting to clients primarily in the areas of criminal justice and public health. April holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Public Affairs, both from Indiana University.

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